Why Observatory Is Perfect For Students And Young Professionals

Author: Caspar Lee - Co-Founder of Proper Living19 Aug, 2020

Why Observatory?

Obz has always been a special place for me — it has an atmosphere difficult to describe. Its essence is almost tangible, only fully captured by walking through the streets first-hand. The vibe is unique; nothing quite like it. In the heart of all the chaos, quirk and magic sits Proper Living — a home away from home that lends itself perfectly to the experience of a lifetime.

With AFDA over the road and UCT, a five-minute drive away, its ideal for students, young professionals or anyone looking to submerge themselves in art, culture and vibrant living. There is just so much the area has to offer. So, I thought I’d introduce you to a few of my favourites in one of Cape Town’s trendiest locations.

For the creatives…

Observatory is fuelled by creativity! It’s one of the main reasons artists of all kinds flock to the area. From the streets to the walls, to the buildings themselves, art is everywhere. The environment is a source of inspiration in itself. On just about any corner, you will find something with significant visual impact.

Proper Living practically neighbours The Bijou — a popular art dealership that doubles-up as a shooting site for many local and international films. Camera shy? Liesl Trautman Ceramics has their studio just down the road too! Keep walking along Lower Main, and you’ll find Get Cork, where you can find just about anything imaginable made of cork. House of Colours is a fantastic digital printing service that will happily assist you in turning your projects into professional pieces. There’s even a hobby studio, Create, where you can learn sewing and pattern making. If you want to explore and express your creativity in any way, Obz is the place for you!

For the foodies...

I hope you’re hungry! Obz’s food scene boasts a bounty of phenomenal restaurants that not only guarantee flavour but variety too. Some hangouts have been named ‘The Best In Cape Town’, including Jerry’s Burger Bar and Obz Café. Ferdinando’s is another top performer — their pizzas are mouth-watering (I can vouch for it myself!). You have to try Reverie Social Table if you’re on the hunt for a good night out with your mates. Other amazing places include Steampunkt, Hello Sailor and the extremely popular, Nourish’d, just to name a few.

I almost forgot dessert; milkshakes at Sticky Fingers! I promise you won’t regret it. And if it’s coffee you’re craving; you’re in the right place. Run Rabbit Run and Ground Zero Marley Coffee will see you (and your taste buds) zooming around town. All along Lower Main road (and beyond) you’ll find corner stores, cafes, clubs and caffeine, all offering up different vibes and tribes. Finding your local spot is going to be a tasty adventure!

For the trendsetters...

Obz is famous for second-hand anything! There are loads of vintage clothing shops dotted around. Voom Voom Vintage is filled with so much character — only a short walk away. It’s packed with the freshest goodies, gadgets and gear. Kit yourself at Nevernew or BangBang Vintage Market because in Obz, old is the new new.

Recycled bookstores aren’t in short supply either. Take a stroll to OBZ Books where you can dig up some real classics and even kick back with a coffee. While you’re digging up an archive, get your hands on a few used records from Revolution Records across the street. It’s honestly the best place. Just going in there makes you feel like a member of the Beatles. Observatory’s music scene is worth mentioning while I’m at it! Musicians of all kinds showcase their talent regularly, so if gigging is what you’re about, the stage is yours.

Observatory — is a place where the past and the present have collided to create an environment unlike any other. Rich with vibrant life and culture, each day is sure to promise something beautiful and unexpected. It offers you a unique combination of comfort and creativity — a simultaneous experience of familiarity and dynamic change. Proper Living is the perfect place to see you through it all. A little haven you can return to after each daily adventure…

Mentioned here are but a few of the area’s iconic treasures. There will be so much more to come, so keep an eye out on my blog! Exciting things are on the way.

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