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Author: Caspar Lee - Co-Founder of Proper Living1 Aug, 2020

When we first started Proper Living, I wanted to make absolutely sure that we would be as transparent and communicative as possible with our community. We have massive plans and are committed to building a truly unique company in the student and young professional accommodation market. Having this blog is a great way for the rest of the team, our residents and me to share updates, insights and stories that can enrich our community.

What kind of content can you expect from Proper Living’s Blog?

We’ll be posting a whole range of articles including announcements, useful information, interviews stories by residents, future plans etc. It’s a place for us to go into more detail with our community and anyone else who is interested in the Proper Living movement. Instagram has already shown how important it is to engage with our customers but it is slightly limiting when it comes to details so that’s why we’re so excited to have this blog.

How often will Proper Living put out articles?

Proper Living has a lot to say and we’re not shy so we plan to upload articles frequently but we’re not going to just put stuff out for the sake of it so having a particular schedule isn’t on the cards.

How does one apply to contribute to the blog?

Please send us an email info@properliving.co.za letting us know what you’d like to share and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks so much for all the support so far, we can’t wait to share Proper Living Blog posts with you shortly. Caspar

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